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At 5ft 11" I am on the tall side myself, but I have no problems in comparison to some of my Glamazonian friends. Petites are generally (although not always) well catered for, with a lot of mainstream stores having petite ranges. Yet at the other end of the height spectrum, us baby giraffes are left a bit ... short-changed.

All of our Cowl neck hoodies are suitable for ladies up to 6ft 4" (and sometimes above, depending on body length ratios) and our sweatshirts fit nicely to 6ft 1" (again this depends on body length ratios, but in general terms we have only had one 6ft 1" lady for whom the arms weren't long enough and we have sold a lot to tall customers). I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a facebook group of immense value. Vicky Chevis, the founder, is 6ft 1" herself and when Long Tall Sally went into administration - before it was bought and re-energised - she set the group up. They now have nearly 8,000 members worldwide.

We appreciate that not everything you want we sell - so this is a fabulous group for searching for recommendations for other Tall retailers and for general queries and friendship. We've popped a link on the image, so you can go to the group direct from here.

And don't forget we have our Tall Tee - a fabulous product which is very long in the body and especially sourced for our tall customers. Click on the photo and you'll be taken straight to the product. You can choose plain, or go with any design from our site - there's a handy link within the product description.

So, fellow tallies - stand tall in whatever you choose to wear. There's choice out there and more on the way.

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