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Sizing - Every Body’s Biggest Dilemma

Like every other fashion company, we get the odd comment on sizing. The diversity of the challenge is real when for the same sized M jumper we have different self-determined size 14 women saying it’s a perfect fit AND it’s too big AND it’s too small.

Hey Lola Body Positive Shoot April 2022

Our returns rate for incorrect sizing is well below industry average. Even so, we set out on a mission to evaluate how we are doing on our sizing - after all, us getting it wrong isn't good for you and it certainly isn't good for us. We are really happy to share our responses to a recent Instagram stories survey that we ran and we thank the 208 of you who voted. The results are pleasing in terms of getting it right for the majority of you.

Hey Lola Size and Fit Vote April 2022

The UKFT, the UK’s Fashion and Textiles body, states the black and white facts: “There are no standard sizes in the fashion industry. This is for a very good reason – the human body does not come in a standard size”.

It’s why in TopShop you might be a 16, whereas in Marks & Spencer a 14 or even a 12. In plus size fashion it’s even harder. Whereas a size 18 in Next might run on the smaller side, in Plus size specialists you can often find that they run large.

Almost no two shops are the same and although it's frustrating, when we look at our body and compare it to our best friend's - no two bodies are the same.

Therefore, we only give numerical sizes as a GUIDE and not an absolute. We give absolutes* in our measurements and we even show you in the last image on most listings how to compare our size measurements to an existing sweater/hoodie that you have so you can determine exactly the right size for yourself.

Like every other company on the planet, we won’t get it right for some of you, which is why we have the 14 day exchange and return policy (assuming you haven’t customised your item).

* absolute sizing still has a manufacturing tolerance of 7%

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1 commentaire

Gillian F
Gillian F
03 mai 2022

I would love to see the sleeve length included in the measurements if possible. I have long arms and hate to end up with tops in between full and 3/4 length that just make me look like I've outgrown them!

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