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  • Is the Current HGV Driver Shortage Impacting You?
    In a word, yes. Sadly it is meaning that we are receiving stock from our supplliers later and therefore it is having a knock-on in that way. It is also impacting delivery hubs (whichever courier we choose to use) as they transport parcels between depots in HGV's. The crisis is also impacting us from Europe, who have similar driver shortages. A lot of our stock is sourced from within Europe and delays are then compunded by extra Brexit import processes. THAT SAID, we are well stocked as a business generally, however there will be the odd item where we have to order in, which does mean that orders can experience additional delays. We will always email you if this is the case and give you alternative options to see if they are suitable for you.
  • Why Isn't Delivery Free?
    Simply, it has a cost. It costs us £4 with Royal Mail to send an average parcel on 2nd Class Tracked. We pass most of this charge (£3.95) directly onto our customers rather than loading each product with a delivery charge element. Delivery is never 'free' - where you see this advertised by other companies, they have loaded delivery charges into the cost of each product. We operate a fair trading policy and we like to itemise our costs so that you can understand them. We don't charge extra for packaging - we cover these costs, largely because our chosen packaging is very environmentally friendly and is therefore more expensive. This is something that we have chosen to do, so we don't hold our customers responsible for paying for our choice.
  • Who Do You Use For Delivery?
    99% of our domestic (within UK) retail orders are despatched via Royal Mail as they offer the best value for service on standard sized orders. Very large retail orders are despatched using UPS or DPD, except for Northern Ireland where the Brexit/Sea Border has caused few services to be available so we use Hermes. Wholesale orders are despatched using UPS or DPD, again with the exception of Northern Ireland where Hermes is used. International deliveries are despatched using Royal Mail with the exception of the US, where we use FedEx, who have proven much more quick and reliable in getting items through American Customs.
  • What Happens When Deliveries Are Stolen?
    We use Royal Mail Tracked services. This means that they scan the package upon delivery and this records a unique GPS location for the parcel. We advise customers to keep an eye on the tracking details that are emailed to you upon despatch of your order. If an item says it has been delivered, but you haven't received it please contact us as soon as possible. We can open a claim for you with Royal Mail. The process involves providing Royal Mail with various pieces of information, including your email address (they already have your postal address from the tracking details). In some cases, where there have been other instances of stolen mail in your neighbourhood, they may send an investigator to talk to you. The investigator will establish if there is video doorbell footage which covers your property or the surrounding properties to determine if they can see a theft taking place. In more serious cases, they will involve the police. We welcome Royal Mail investigations because this prevents the same from happening again to you or to your neighbours. Once Royal Mail find in your favour, we immediately arrange to replace your item and your replacement order goes straight to the top of our depatch queue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss the process.
  • Why Is Covid Still Affecting Deliveries?
    Although we are no longer in lockdown, the increase in the Delta variant is requiring many more people to self isolate when they work in close confinement environments such as postal depots. Although this is not a legal requirement, employers can impose self isolation to avoid mass outbreaks in their facilities. This practice continues to impact postal depots and sometimes postal deliveries, although at the moment we are seeing very minimal delays.
  • Why Have International Delivery Costs Increased So Much?
    We absolutely LOVE our global customers and we are so disappointed by the current international shipping crisis. We keep delivery costs purely to what we are charged and we don't charge for packaging (which is all Eco-friendly and compostable). Due to the current pandemic, causing a global shipping crisis which impacts right across the freight industry, delivery charges across the globe have increased hugely and we have to pass this on. This recent article from Bloomberg highlights the shipping issues faced across the world We fully expect that this crisis will be resolved as the global economy recovers from the pandemic and we will lower our shipping costs as soon as we are able to.
  • What is FAIR PRICING?
    Fair pricing is exactly that. Fair to everyone involved. We source our products responsibly from wholesalers who guarantee by charter and industry body membership to pay a fair living wage to the manufacturers of their products, wherever in the world they are. No child labour, no sweatshop working environments, no farmers being unfairly paid for their cotton harvests. Additionally, we require our wholesalers to guarantee that their cotton is sustainably produced, which includes reduced water consumption in cotton-processing. We pay our own employees a fair wage, above the national minimum wage, as this doesn't really cover life's essentials. We don't add in hidden costs into our products. There is no such thing as 'free' delivery or 'free' returns - these things are ALWAYS included in the price you pay with bigger companies. But there is huge environmental pressure on them to cease doing this. It promotes massive levels of returns, which in turn means that huge amounts of garments end up in landfill, leaving behind a massive carbon footprint. This has to stop and small fashion labels like us are leading the revolution against fast fashion. It isn't good for business, it isn't good for the environment. Put simply, it just isn't good. Instead, we: Add a delivery charge of £3.95 onto your order, as this is the cost of delivering it. Ask you to cover the cost of your return if the goods aren't faulty Ask you to pay the delivery charge if you'd like different goods sent out to you (exchange) Further reading: We suggest the following articles, if you are interested:
  • Price Increase 01/09/21
    Firstly, we hate price rises. Honestly - we really do. Our customers are used to buying quality goods at a certain price and inevitably, when we have to raise prices some people will not be able to afford our products. That's not what any business wants to do. However, from time-to-time, we have to put our prices up. It's not us making more money - we set our margins at a percentage whereby all staff can earn a living wage. Our margins remain the same. The reason we put our prices up is an increased wholesale price. From January 2020, our prices have remained static yet we have had two major price increases from our wholesalers during this period. We have just now had a third price rise and this has meant we have had to put our own prices up in order to maintain our income. Thank you so much for your understanding and for buying from a small family business. Anna & Bex x
  • What Can I Return?
    1. ANYTHING FAULTY: We facilitate free of charge returns for anything which is faulty, whether it is customised or not. Faulty goods are rare, but unacceptable. We replace these as a matter of urgency and replacements go straight to the front of the print queue. 2. NON CUSTOMISED PRODUCTS: We accept returns for any non-customised product which has not been worn or used, within 14 days from receipt of product. Returns of this nature are at your expense and we ask that you obtain proof of postage. If you require a product to be exchanged, we will need to send you an invoice for £3.95 to cover our P&P. Please email us to arrange a return:
  • Which Returns Are Free?
    Return and replacements for FAULTY products are completely free. They always have been and they always will be. Return and replacement for NON CUSTOMISED products are not free - these are charged at cost only and we make no money (in fact, we still lose money) on them. Unlike larger companies who load the costs of returns, disposal (often into landfill) and replacements into their product prices, we do not do this. Instead, we operate a fair trading policy whereby customers who do not return items do not pay a higher cost because of others who do. We are working with our Industry bodies to try to lessen the 'return culture' which has a massive impact on the environment. Returns for customised products are only accepted where these goods are faulty - please see our other FAQ's for more details.
  • Why Can't I Return Everything?
    We try to facilitate returns for as many of our products as possible, but we are a small family print-to-order business and we're not Amazon or ASOS! Some items are marked 'CUSTOMISED' and these can only be returned if they are faulty. As a small family business specialising in printing to order, we can’t accept returns on items that are customised. We state clearly on the product information if it is a customised product. Such items qualify as customised products because you have chosen the garment colour, the print colour (and obviously the size). This often equates from 300 to 3,000 variants on our products, especially where two colours of print have been chosen. The variants are very large and the chances of us re-selling your exact specification of product are very small. We hope that you can understand the reasons behind our returns policy for highly customised items, which is in place to allow us to try and succeed as a small business and to help minimise over-production within our industry.
  • Deliveries to the EU
    We ‘re proud of our EU heritage – we didn’t vote for Brexit, we don’t want it but as a business, we have to face the fact that it’s happened. We expect the same rules which have applied to non-EU imports to start applying to EU customers as of 23:01 GMT 31/12/20. Namely, you may have to pay customs or VAT charges and a handling fee in your receiving country before you can claim your parcel. These charges will depend on the country you live in and the value of the item/s. We thank you so much for your continued support of our family business.
  • Deliveries to Northern Ireland
    There may be some delays experienced whilst the Irish Sea Border is introduced. We do not expect additional charges to be levied; The Northern Ireland Protocol confirmed that goods from Great Britain which remain in the UK’s customs territory will not be subject to tariffs. We have applied to HMRC to the UK Trader Scheme, which will allow us to move goods to Northern Ireland with no further checks once approved. HMRC is currently experiencing a four month processing time for these applications and we applied as soon as the scheme was opened. However, we have received provisional authorisation that we may declare our goods not ‘at risk’ from the start of the new rules on December 31 at 23:01 GMT. That said, additional customs paperwork for carriers will be introduced and this may mean that Royal Mail introduce additional charges – this has neither been confirmed nor denied. We will start 2021 with the same UK postal charges applied to Northern Ireland – however, if Royal Mail increase their delivery charges, we will have to follow suit as we charge delivery at COST and do not charge for packaging, so there is no margin for us to absorb costs. We thank you so much for your continued support of our family business.
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